Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Taxation of associations and foundations

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More and more companies and private persons act as sponsors or supporters of non-profit organizations. With the growing amount of sponsoring and donations, non-profit law has become very important. The fiscal office has higher and higher demands for legally flawless statutes and the way of conducting the business of a non-profit organization. With that in mind there is a growing demand for consulting with regard to existing organizations and the rewriting of their statutes as well as the proper setup of new organizations. Depending on the aim and capital requirements we examine the different legal and tax possibilities for such an organization, for example with regard to differences in the areas of law of organizations or law of foundations and foundation support. A few of our specialties are:

  • Tax treatment of donations and sponsoring
  • Inspection and clarification of the statutes
  • Revision and setup of statutes for non-profit organizations
  • setup consulting for associations and foundations
  • ongoing consulting of non-profit organization in tax questions
  • Check for statutory management and single activities
  • Legal form comparison (Association – Foundation – Trust – gGmbH)
  • Preparation of year and declarations and tax returns for non-profit organizations
  • out-of-court remedies and tax court proceedings for non-profit organizations