Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Dynamic business planning

Take advantage of our dynamic business planning!

The area is of business planning is becoming more and more important. This is especially valid for the following cases:

  • obtaining loans
  • rating
  • corporate due dilligence
  • corporate buying and selling
  • succession planning
  • budgeting / controlling
  • rolling planning

Together with you we work out a basis for the business plan which consists of a quantitative part and a quality part.

While the quantitative part contains the numbers, the quality part is a text-based description of the company’s situation. The degree of detail is up to our clients liking of course.

Based on the business plan we will conduct individual sensitivity analyses. With that we can not only show you how your company is going to do in the future, we also display the dependency on individual parameters.

For you this means a dynamic business plan enables you to be more sensitive for important adjusting screws which are essential for future success as well as for possible problems.

We are also happy to support with presentations based on our business plan to show to credit institutions, potential buyers and other business partners.