Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Matthias Lamprecht, Kai Nowak, Martin Kowol, Christoph Hillebrand, Patrick Rode, Christoph Stüvel,  Gert Nacken
Matthias Lamprecht | Kai Nowak | Martin Kowol | Christoph Hillebrand | Patrick Rode | Christoph Stüvel | Gert Nacken
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The art lies in harmonising creativity and numbers

50 Jahre NHP

NHP Business-Video

In the adjacent video you can find out more about our business.

We present our services in the field of fiscal advice and auditing in detail. Furthermore we inform you about the internationally active advice-network Morison and our Nacken Hillebrand Servicegesellschaft.

Additionally we tell you about our sponsoring projects, events and special services, for example for professional athletes. Get to personally know our partners, employees in the course of their daily work. You can get all the information from the video from our image-brochure, which you can download here.