Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Preparation of year end statements

Use the financial statement!

The commercial year end statement is generally designed to inform your business partners. Possibly addressees are credits institutions, business associates, fiscal offices and staff members. Another important point is that obligation to publish the year end statement on the internet via the German Federal Gazette.

Against this background we derive the year end statement from the monthly accounting based on your company’s direction. We explain accounting and valuation options as well as their impact on the financial and profit situation.

When deriving the tax balance from the commercial balance in consideration of the authority principle, we always have the tax situation of your company in mind. The tax balance is just used to measure your tax burden and is not subject to publication. For the most part we are able to deliver a single balance however, as we can use the commercial accounting options according to the tax regulations.

If your company is oriented towards the capital market we can also prepare your year end statement in accordance to international accounting standards (IFRS) or the American accounting standards (US-GAAP).

In particular, our services include:


  • Net-income accounting
  • Opening balances
  • Year end statements with balance, income statement and, if necessary, annex and report
  • Interim statements
  • Dissolution balances
  • Liquidation balances
  • Explanatory reports