Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Preparation of accounting

Financial Accounting: Boring for many – The basis of every decision for us.

Monthly accounting is the foundation for every business decision in a company. Every economic analysis is derived from financial accounting figures, and the commercial year end statement is the final product coming from those numbers.

Financial accounting – especially as a source for information –plays a core role in our range of services. We have organized our accounting in a modular way.

Starting with our ASP-portal which enables you to input your data at the times and in the way you want it. In coordination with you we will have periodic checks to guarantee dual controlling. We can also do the input ourselves to make your daily work easier. This database service is offered by Nacken Hillebrand Servicegesellschaft mbH.

Next to this internet-based technology we can offer our product in a way that suits you company the best. We developed several input methods respectively interfaces which can be configured according to your needs.

Further information can be found at: Setup and organization of internal and external accounting