Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Tax optimization of property and capital investments

The capital market is moving – do so too!

The search for tax-saving possibilities has never been more intense than now. And that’s not a surprise, because as of January 1st 2009 the withholding tax causes higher payments to the fiscal offices. Thus financial consulting has changed and reverted back to a more traditional way of investment: property. However this kind of investment carries special requirements and risks you need to know about. If you are investing in property to be rented out there are many tax opportunities and advantages, but there are also traps to evade.

No matter if your concern is a

  • short term investment strategy or
  • long term build up of your pension plan

as an impartial consultant we support you with the development of your personal investment strategy and we prepare investment decisions with you.

We look at ourselves as a an added ”filter” in between you as the decision maker and your investment consultant (e.g. your bank).

Your investment consultant is obliged to offer you as many investment chances as he sees fit. Often times, even subconsciously, he will be led by his employers philosophy without knowing your personal preferences or being able to know them at all.

As your personal – and often times long term – consultant, we take the time that is necessary to know your preferences.

It doesn’t matter if it is about short term investments or long term pension plans, at the beginning of every consultation there is an in-depth analysis of your current situation and needs. This analysis gives us enough basis to come to a responsible investment decision with you.