Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Execution of will and wealth management

Don’t leave anything to chance!

”Take care of your loved ones as long as you live – and beyond.“


“Watchman for the last will.”

It is important to keep your acquired assets and to divide them at your will to your heirs to avoid disputes.

The goal of the appointment of an executor is to maintain the reasoning of a testator beyond his death. Especially large estates or compley heir situations call for the help of an executor.

The appointment of an executor avoids conflicts and, under certain circumstances, legal disputes among heirs, specifically among communities of heirs which might become unable to act because of differing opinions.

Testamentary enforcement of will is normally arranged in the last will or testamentary contract. Nacken Hillebrand Partner is the partner of choice due to our extensive knowledge on legal and tax matters connected to enforcement. We know how to manage private wealth. Since we usually work together for many years we have up-to-date information about our existing clients and already have a huge quantity structure of data.

As a testamentary enforcer we offer the whole spectrum of administrating a succession:

  • Personal status measures
    • certificate of death, burial, orbituary, reading of the will
  • proprietary measures
    • inventory of assets and liabilities
    • estate inventory for heirs and courts
    • selling of assets
  • insurance measures
    • notification to insurance companies
    • -cancellation of contracts
  • civil law measures
    • cancellation of continuing obligations (rent, energy, water supply, telephone, newspapers, TV/radio, clubs, etc.)
    • notification and cancellation of contract
  • Other measures-timely reporting to the heir
    • collection of receivables
    • household clearance
    • distribution of assets
    • fulfillment of legacies and reserved portions
    • preparation of inheritance tax declaration
    • if necessary: preparation or correction of (previously undeclared) income tax declarations for the testator

Besides the above-mentioned enforcement, which is usually over when the succession is administered we are also glad to handle your long term private asset management. This is appropriate for mentally confused, handicapped or addicted heirs.

Private asset management comes into question for children, for example until they come of age or until they finished their education.

As a testamentary enforcer and/or private asset manager we stand for a quick, competent and hassle-free administration of the succession.

From experience, the existence of one qualified enforcer normally leads to an amicable settlement among the heirs.