Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Private asset and financial planning

There are professional tools for business planning to forecast a company’s financial and profit situation in the future. We also offer these tools for long term planning of private people. We have a whole variety of tools for those purposes, ranging from simplistic projections to integrated long term financial and profit planning with target-performance comparison.

The goal of private financial planning is to give you an overview of your current financial situation. Based on this review we are able to conduct a sensitivity analysis to project your future situation based on game theory.

The information garnered from the sensitivity analysis can be used to develop a long term strategy. We also offer to support the ongoing development and review of the strategy.

Private financial planning is possible for everyone regardless of age and wealth. It is especially in order for:

  • entrepreneurs who have sold their company or are about to do so
  • private people thinking about anticipated succession
  • heirs or communities of heirs

We gladly support you with the development of a private financial plan.