Nacken Hillebrand Partner

Investment and financing concepts

We integrate your investment strategy in your business plan!

Legal regulations („Basel II“) require credit institutions to have higher demands for information before handing out loans than ever before. For you as an investor this means your investments as well as their financing has to be presented in the proper way.

Normally you will be required to give an integrated view on the investment itself as well as the corresponding financial backing and the future development of the company with regard to the financial and profit situation.

We offer to support you with the development of an investment and financing concept. We can integrate the investment and financial concept in our dynamic business plan. This enables us show key impact points of an investment on the financial and profit situation. It also gives us room to dynamically develop your concept in a successful way.

We are also happy to support you with the actual presentation to credit institutions and we can check if you are eligible for public funding.